Know the Rules: Host a Ref Clinic by USHA

Posted on Jan 11 2018 - 2:31pm by DV
David Fink of the WPH conducts a referee clinic at the Tucson Racquet Club this week.  Hosting the clinic was a final step for Fink to become a USHA Level 5 Referee.  All participants became Level 1 Referees after attending.
    “Good referees allow the players to play their best without worrying about making calls, keeping the score and all the other things that happen during a match.” says USHA Executive Director Vern Roberts.  While handball rules questions and scenarios are discussed at length in the Ref Corner featured in Court Shorts, that doesn’t scratch the surface to all the aspects of the game.  The best way to “Know the Rules” is to attend a USHA Referee Clinic (or take the USHA Referee Exam) and complete the process of becoming a USHA Certified Handball Official
   The referee is: the scorekeeper, the interpreter and enforcer of the rules, the administrator of FAIR and SAFE PLAY.   The first “Law of Refereeing” is to

“KNOW THE RULES.”  Most problems that arise during a match are because the referee and/or the players do not know the rules.  Read the rule book often
and become familiar with where the rules for the various situations are located.  If you’re a USHA Member, you can begin your certification by passing the test, or if there’s a Level Five Referee in your area, you can host a clinic as WPH’s Dave Fink did (photo).  Also, every USHA National tournament hosts a referee clinic in order to best prepare everyone who attends to “Know the Rules” and be better referees.  After all, better referees allow us to be better players!    

    Contact the USHA for more info about Referee Certification or hosting a Referee Clinic.