Killy Awarded Atlanta Yellow

Posted on Nov 15 2017 - 11:14am by DV

Killian Carroll is amassing a wide array of jerseys during his handball travels.  With the WPH, however, those jerseys are Yellow, as the WPH uses that color to signify the “winning player” in all professional pro stops.  Well, Carroll now adds another to his list as he gathers another jersey for his 2017/18 season debut win in Atlanta, GA.

“We already had jerseys made for about four different guys, to give on-site in Atlanta, but the opportunity to make a presentation was not really there, so we just waited for the Tucson Memorial to present it,” says WPH Director, Dave vincent.  “These jerseys are special and the players dig them.  They look forward to adding them to their collection.  One player even took his and framed it with a trophy/memorabilia service.”

WPH awards the yellow for winners of the pro divisions and will often times add yellows on special occasions.  “We gave the film crew yellow jerseys at the Memorial for their exceptional work and one time before that a tournament director was working hard, so he got one for his efforts,” Vincent explains.

Enter a WPH event, like Killian Carroll, put in the hard work, and your jersey will come.  Dave Vincent says that each jersey is unique and each win brings a new design.  Looking for a specific yellow with a past design?  Probably won’t happen, as all are unique for that particular event.  “We try to put the love into each jersey so the player feels extra special knowing that they are one of the only people in the sport with that particular shirt.  I hope they realize this.  Perhaps they do??”