Homework & Handball at ASU

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Excelling in academics and handball are:  Front Row: Chris Cedeno (CHHS), Jesus Castillo (CHHS), Lorenzo Medrano (CHHS), Sophia Della Croce (FLF), Belisa Camacho (FLF), Bryan Cruz (CBHS)  Back Row: Eliezer Hernandez (CHHS), Miguel Sandoval (FLF), Uziel Rodriguez (CHHS), DJ Hardeman (SMHS), Jaime Rios (SMHS)


Discussion of opportunities at college

Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, 4/24/18 Twenty-nine competitors from Phoenix and Tucson squared off across four divisions in a one-day event that tested player’s skills in both big ball and small ball.  This “Homework & Handball” tournament is part of a series of events developed by the Sun Devil Handball Club at Arizona State University.  This program encourages excellence in academics as well as handball because ASU is interested in the development of the complete student-athlete.

Group Lunch and Laughs

After introductory remarks on sportsmanship, effort and learning, the players were given an ASU swag bag with eye guards, balls, t-shirt, gloves and college admission info.  The morning event featured a big ball tournament where each competitor had three matches against opponents with closely matched skills.  The players battled nonstop on ten courts at the beautiful Sun Devil Fitness Complex. 

Successor division – Derek, Champ Camron Thompson, Ben Fernandez

At 12:30 pm, the big ball competition finished and competitors, coaches and volunteers enjoyed a 90-minute lunch break.  During the last 30 minutes of the break, the Sun Devils helped high school students understand the opportunities available in college. 

Then the “me3” app was demonstrated, which helps high school students explore majors and careers that fit their interests and passions. This allows the student to design an academic pathway to the future that they want.

Elite division – Alejandro Sandoval, Derek, Champ Rodrigo Silva

Then it was back in to the courts for small ball action.  The afternoon format was similar to the morning only with a smaller, quicker blue ball!

Student-athletes participated from Carl Hayden HS, Camelback HS, South Mountain HS, the Fred Lewis Foundation and ASU. Jesus Castillo (CHHS) slammed, winning two Contender division events.  Rodrigo Silva (CHHS) and Alejandro Sandoval (FLF) came up big on the day by splitting the Elite division big ball and small ball championships between them.

Challenger division – Champ Fernando Hernandez, Derek, Belisa Camacho

Special thanks to the coaches and volunteers including Chris Hogan, Abe Montijo, Don Stewart, Jim Reitmyer, Ben Fernandez, Fred Lewis and members of the Sun Devil Handball Club.

Big Ball Championship Results

Elite: Rodrigo Silva (CHHS) def Alejandro Sandoval (FLF)

Challenger: Fernando Hernandez def Belisa Camacho (FLF)

Contender division – Champ Jesus Castillo, Derek, Chris Cedeno

Contender: Jesus Castillo (CHHS) def Chris Cedeno (CHHS)

Successor: Camron Thompson (FLF) def Ben Fernandez (Phx)

Small Ball Championship Results

Elite: Alejandro Sandoval (FLF) def Rodrigo Silva (CHHS)

Challenger: Angel Mariscal (FLF) def Frank Huerta (CBHS)

Contender: Jesus Castillo (CHHS) def Eliezer Hernandez (CHHS)

Successor: Luis Madrigal (CHHS) def Carlos Ortiz (CHHS)


SEE ATTACHED Power Point for the full story and pictures

Dan Willeford

ASU Head Handball Coach

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