Fink’s R48Pro-Houston Top Moments: Mando’s Magnificent, the Super 8 & More!

Posted on Feb 23 2016 - 6:15am by DV

VZM.IMG_20160220_154204The Houston Race 4 Eight V announced the arrival of Mando Ortiz as a R48 champion in what was undoubtedly the most difficult road to a R48 title in the history of the tour. The WPH was very fortunate have the help of the “Super 8” throughout the weekend, and was thrilled to welcome new pros, witness great bounce-back performances, watch the LAAC sweep, and enjoy incredible Texas hospitality.

Magnificent Mando:

  • Mando Ortiz and Paul Brady played the most exciting and best match in the history of the Race 4 Eight Tour in the thrilling Houston semifinals. Ortiz and Brady electrified fans and broadcast viewers from the first point until the last with the most electrifying handball ever captured on video. “I’ve been around pro handball for 30 years and I’ve never seen handball played like that,” stated Dan “The Hand” Armijo
  • Mando Ortiz became the first R48 pro to defeat four former or current WPH #1 pros in the same event to win his maiden R48 title in the Houston R48 V: Emmett Peixoto (2008), Allan Garner (2009), Paul Brady (2016), Sean Lenning (2012)
  • Mando Ortiz won back-to-back 15-13 tiebreakers in the semifinals and finals against the R48 #1 and #2 ranked pros, providing the greatest theatre in R48 history

MOMCThe LAAC Sweep: Mando Ortiz and Marcos Chavez became the first duo from the same club (LAAC) to win Race 4 Eight singles titles at the same event

The Super 8: Volunteer referees/tournament helpers Dan Zimet, Tyler Stevens, Marcos Chavez, Tom Flores, Javi Flores, Jonathan Pollard, Dan Armijo, and Killian Carroll: Houston’s “Super 8” stepped up to referee, broadcast, run the tournament desk and helped to ensure the Houston R48 V ran smoothly and efficiently throughout the weekend. The “Super 8” enabled matches to run on time and players, fans, and WPH Staff to enjoy a tremendous weekend

12764595_10153973194873799_1771228497831788042_oBounce-Backers: Jonathan Iglesias ended a 5-match R48 losing streak by defeating WPH #7 Daniel Cordova in the Houston round of 16 and finishing 6th, while Anthony Selestow ended a nearly two-year R48 round of 16 losing streak by advancing to the quarterfinals and finishing 7th

Welcome to the R48: Dave Munson qualified for the first time on the R48 and Tyler Stevens won the 17th place playoff, earning a R48 ranking for the first time

Texas Hospitality and endless hospitality courtesy of the Houston Handball Club: The Houston Handball Club rolled out the red carpet for the R48 pros and all of the tournament players with a Thursday night welcome dinner, nonstop hospitality throughout the tournament, and a Saturday night banquet