David Fink’s Monday Morning Serve: 4-6-15

Posted on Apr 6 2015 - 5:24pm by DV

IMG_1444The WPH is preparing for the crown jewel of the Race season, the WPH Aces Player’s Championship, Powered by ESPN and Presented by EDTL Handball. Check out the wrap-up video from the Race’s final regular season event of the season at the New York Athletic Club, as well as the R48 Elite 8, R48 Qualifier, WR48 and SR48 video previews for Salt Lake City. Junior WPH has also been incredibly busing inspiring the next generation of handball players, with clinics coached by David Fink, Tanner Cleveland, Allan Garner and Adam Bernhard in Arizona and Texas. The WPH Pittsburgh Singles League concluded, Charlie Wicker and Vince San Angelo continue to rack up national titles, Juarez hosted a near Race-worthy stop and we examine just how dominant Paul Brady and Catriona Casey have been this season. The WPH also announced the kickoff to the 2015 WPH Outdoor season in Las Vegas, May 29th-31st. Enjoy!


10429332_10153203354733799_8390005595433958050_nNYAC Wrap-up video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ObevL6VeCkA

R48 Elite 8 Salt Lake City Preview video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t049X4xjBvc#t=13

WR48, R48 Qualifier and SR48 Salt Lake City Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgZeY6vm3rE&feature=youtu.be&a


IMG_4795Junior WPH Making a Huge Difference in AZ, TX and Mexico: http://juniorhandball.com/jr-wph-makes-a-difference/




IMG_4783Salt Lake City Press Release: https://wphlive.tv/?p=5709





0008365533-01_20150308Mr. Al Cuevas (1927-2015): https://wphlive.tv/?p=5723






Tucson’s Charlie Wicker and Vince San Angelo Add More National Titles in IL: https://wphlive.tv/?p=5716


Junior WPH Coach Tanner Cleveland Rockin’ It in Tucson!: http://juniorhandball.com/junior-wph-coach-tanner-cleveland-rockin-it-in-tucson/


Around the WPH Globe-3/28/15: https://wphlive.tv/around-the-wph-globe-saturday-328-edition/


17896_10153207650483799_8795600052486676614_nHow Dominant have Paul Brady and Catriona Casey been this Race Season? The Numbers will Blow You Away! https://wphlive.tv/how-dominant-are-paul-brady-and-catriona-casey/


2015 WPH Torneo de Juarez Pre-R48 Player’s Championship Shootout: https://wphlive.tv/?p=5736


Pittsburgh+League+FinalistsWPH Pittsburgh Handball League Wrap-up: https://wphlive.tv/?p=5748


The WPH Outdoor season kicks off in Vegas, May 29th-31st: https://wphlive.tv/?p=5745





Will the qualifiers enter into a blind-draw in Salt Lake City, will there be a reverse blind-draw like last year or will there be a different format all together this year at the WPH Aces Player’s Championship?

-Mike, Queens, NY


Mike, thank you for the question. I have received a lot of questions on this topic. The qualifiers entering the main draw will be done differently than at any point during the season. Rather than a blind draw, the ranking of the qualifier will play the Elite 8 pro with whom his ranking corresponds. This means the draw will be a traditional 1 vs. 16, 2 vs. 15, 3 vs. 14, 4 vs. 13, 5 vs. 12, 6 vs. 11, 7 vs. 10, 8 vs. 9

Stephen Cooney is ranked 9th, thus is the #1 seed in the qualifier. If Cooney wins his qualifier final, he will face #8 Elite 8 pro Daniel Cordova in the round of 16. If Cooney plays Joe Delsardo, for example, in the qualifier final and loses, even though Delsardo does not have a ranking, Delsardo assumes Cooney’s ranking and would then face #8 Daniel Cordova in the round of 16. Jonathan Iglesias is ranked 10th, thus making him the #2 seed in the qualifier, meaning that the winner of his bracket would face #7 Elite 8 pro Naty Alvarado in the round of 16.



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