Dave Chapman Tribute on ESPN3

Posted on Nov 21 2017 - 4:23am by DV

During the recent Memorial Handball Championships and WPH R48Pro (Stop #2) in Tucson, Arizona (Nov 10-12, 2017), the WPH Film Crew put together multiple video clips of Handball Great, Dave Chapman, and fallen Cameraman, Ben Manning, as a tribute and celebration of their lives.  These special features and interviews ran in between games; timeouts, before matches and during breaks over the two day broadcast window on ESPN3 and have now condensed them down for you to watch individually.

“Good work to Kara Mack, Che Lowenstein, Linda Manning and Kris Gurrad for pulling off the recorded and live actualities from Tucson,” says WPH Director, Dave Vincent.   “Jeff Kastner had his hand in some of the production, as he too donated his time to help with playback pieces and audio clips that also aired on ESPN3 & the WatchESPN App.”  WPH will be on ESPN3 for four more R48Pro Stops through May of 2018.

“I’ve made the formal pitch to ESPN to get a Chapman piece to air on their network.  Perhaps a 30-for-30,” Vincent adds. “I will report back if I hear back.”

While in Tucson, the WPH grabbed multiple Interview Clips and ran a special tribute to not only Dave Chapman, but cameraman, Ben Manning.  Please she the individual links below or this specific page to your handball groups and friends; and do not forget to Like & Subscribe.

David Chapman Tribute:  https://goo.gl/ZvALGy

Ben Manning Tribute:   https://goo.gl/V4kg3G

Vic Perez on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/tR2xmm

Timothy Gonzalez on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/qZwUX7

Tracy Davis on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/tGwbR4

Stephen Cooney on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/mBrLMq

Sean Lenning on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/z3Y8vZ

Sal Duenas & Timothy Gonzalez on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/yY96fc

Gary Maushardt on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/EDBjFm

Emmett Peixoto on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/AVCizR

Sal Duenas on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/rZMVgF

Anthony Selestow on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/n4dWQe

Abraham Montijo on Dave Chapman:  https://goo.gl/yytSj9

Special Player Montague & Chapman Opening:  https://goo.gl/dN8Qoy