Chris Watkins, Spring Valley Lake, CA

Posted on Nov 10 2013 - 5:14pm by DV

WaddySR48 Player Bio

Player: Christopher Watkins

Nickname: Waddydogg

Date of birth: 7-19-1970

Hometown: Spring Valley Lake, CA

Strong hand: Right

Handball coach: Naty “El Gato” Alvarado and Al “Dr. Hook” Moore in the formative years (88-95)

Favorite all-time player: El Gato. There was always purpose to everything he did. Everything outside of the court was geared towards in the court. Success was an expectation not a hope. There was an almost inexplicable mindset to his preparation that very few handballer’s got to see or could understand. However, I am a fan of the game so there is a long list of players I have enjoyed over the years. In the 80’s and 90’s Jon Kendler was incredible. Vince Munoz was so natural. Danny Bell could run points on anyone. John Bike’s power was sick!! Fortunately, today’s game has those characters again with incredible skills and shot making. They just need a chip on their shoulder

Favorite tournament: Simple Green US Open (2012 Worlds in Dublin was pretty awesome though!!)

Most satisfying victory: Beating Ducksey Walsh for the US National 40 singles title

Favorite shot: Right serve natural slider

Best ever Race result: Sr. Race Semi’s (Went down in flames to Naty Jr. the freak of age nature. Who serves like that at 41?)

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