Chava and Chapa Take the 19th Annual Jr. Vasquez Southern CA 3-Wall State Doubles Championships

Posted on Jul 8 2024 - 2:48am by DV

San Gabriel, CA, WPH Press, 7/7/24

Tournament directors Tom Martinez and Mark Zamora were thrilled to present the 19th Annual Jr. Vasquez Southern California 3-Wall State Doubles Championships at Smith Park. San Gabriel, CA

WPH Outdoor stars Ivan Chapa and Chava Cordova advanced to the final by defeating Race 4 Eight pros Dylan Hernandez and Ricardo Palma and faced Race 4 Eight legend Marcos Chavez and Race 4 Eight rising star Ryan Watkins in the final.

Team Chapa/Cordova were too consistent in the final, striking great serves and using their quickness and unorthodox styles to dominate Team Chavez/Watkins.

“Ivan and Chava both hit a lot of good serves out of the door and made some really good gets around the court,” stated WPH correspondent and R48 #13 Jab Bike watching the final courtside. “Chava in the front court was pretty tough to beat today. He had a lot of kills and re kills. There were definitely some unforced errors on Marcos and Ryan’s side, but Ivan and Chava were just too much to beat today. The first game was back and forth until Ivan and Chava pulled it out. Game two was all Chava/Cordova early. They got to an 18-6 lead. Ryan and Marcos were able to show some life and get back to 13, but that was as far as they could get.”

Final: Team Chapa/Cordova def Team Chavez/Watkins 21-19, 21-13

Thank you to Jab Bike for the pictures, updates and recapping the 2024 Jr. Vasquez

Thank you to Marcos Chavez for running a JR WPH clinic for a number of youngsters at the 2024 Jr. Vasquez before the final.

David Fink

WPH Senior Writer 

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