Battle of the Border V

Posted on Sep 11 2017 - 5:23am by DV

JR WPH was thrilled to present the fifth edition of the Battle of the Border, pitting Team Fred Lewis Foundation vs. Team JR WPH Juarez in one of the most competitive and friendliest junior sports rivalries in international junior sports. Team FLF was seeking to regain the Battle of the Border Cup after losing the last two Cup encounters, while Team JR WPH Juarez was aiming to take the Cup across the border for the third consecutive time.

Team FLF and Team JR WPH Juarez split the eight exciting singles Cup matches, with a one game doubles tiebreaker needed to determine the BOTB V champion. Team FLF’s Kena Byrd-Jackson and Sophie Dellacroce were too strong for Team JR WPH Juarez’s Andres Cordoba and Angel Luna in the tiebreaker, meaning the Cup would stay in Tucson.

Battle of the Border V Results

Eder Renteria (Team JR WPH Juarez) def Belisa Camach (Team FLF) 25-16

Andres Cordova (Team JR WPH Juarez) def Josh Webster (Team FLF) 25-17

Sebastian Canales (Team JR WPH Juarez) def Kena Byrd-Jackson (Team FLF) 25-17

Angel Luna (Team JR WPH Juarez) def (Team FLF) Sophia Dellacroce 26-24

Jensen Payton (Team FLF) def Angel Araiza (Team JR WPH Juarez) 25-17

Ayden Brule (Team FLF) def (Team JR WPH Juarez) Moises Gardea 25-8

Trevor Payton (Team FLF) def (Team JR WPH Juarez) Andy Araiza 25-22

Jorge Pimental def (Team FLF) Alejandro Garcia (Team JR WPH Juarez) 25-16

*Tiebreaker: Kena Byrd-Jackson/Sophie Dellacroce (Team FLF) def Andres Cordoba/Angel Luna (Team JR WPH Juarez) 25-4

Thank you to Team FLF Executive Director and Head Coach Abraham Montijo and Team JR WPH Juarez Coach Richie “Drft” Fernandez for coaching these two incredible junior handball teams. The incredible sportsmanship and great play from the youngsters is a credit to their coaches, and the sport is incredibly fortunate to have Coach Abe and Coach Drft. If you see these two incredible handball promoters and coaches, say thank you!

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