2017 WPH Outdoor Cup Stop #1

Posted on Nov 2 2016 - 2:26pm by DV

Powered by WPH, this Epic Big Ball Cup Stop
returns to Stockton, California’s In-Shape West Lane!
Inviting all “Elite Big Ballers” to step into the “ICEBOX”!
The 4Wall Domain of the “ICEMAN”!
To determine the “Coldest Big Ballers” in the Game!
Featuring:A Singles, B Singles, 40’s Singles, 50’s Singles, A Doubles & B Doubles.
Register today @ r2sports.com
For More Info Contact: Angel Hernandez (209) 471-5326
***Stop #1 of the WPH Outdoor Cup Series for 2017***
Ranked WPH Event – Yellow Jersey A Sgls/Dubs

DSC05686aThe 2017 WPH Outdoor Cup season is just around the corner and you are invited to play!  Like 2016, WPH will rank results from in & outdoor play when the big ball (WallBall) is used and on multiple playing surfaces and courts (3 wall, 1 wall & 4 wall; long side walls, short side walls, extra-wide courts, etc).  WPH will take results in singles and doubles and considers “A” to be the pro-level w/B bracket winners as qualifiers into the A.  WPH will offer Yellow Jersey’s to all A singles and doubles winners throughout the cup season and will update this site and the schedule when more stops are added.  The WPH thanks the efforts of Angel Hernandez and his local sponsors and community for hosting stop #1 in Stockton, CA.  Don’t forget to bring the juniors as the WPH hosts a junior clinic w/the pros at each event along the tour season. Entry HERE>  Your WPH contact for this event is Tom Flores:  flores@wphoutdoor.com
Stop #2 will also be an indoor stop!  February 10th, the WPH travels to Las Vegas for the Royal Flush.  Points, Yellows and Casino Chips will be paid out!  Details HERE>
samzon1ICEMAN 2016 RESULTS:
Open Singles Champion: Samzon “Totoy” Hernandez.
Finalist: Alfredo “El Hombre” Morales.
3rd Place: Kevin Gonzales.
Open Doubles Champions: Juan “Ibanez” Santos & Alfredo “El Hombre” Morales.
Finalists: Salvador “Chava” Cordova & Noe Garcia.
B Singles Champion: Adrian Caliboso.
Finalist: Jose Villegas.
40’s Singles Champion: Javier Flores.
Finalist: Arturo “Lefty” Suarez.
50’s Singles Champion: Rogelio “Indio” Sanchez.
Finalist: Tavo Ramirez