2017 JR WPH Season-Ending Rankings

Posted on Sep 29 2017 - 12:50pm by DV

2017 JR WPH Season-Ending Rankings

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 9/29/17- JR WPH held four junior ranking events in 2017, with more than 200 junior handball players between the ages of 8-19 competing in the four JR WPH stops in California (IceMan, Fullerton), Brooklyn (NYC JR WPH Shootout), and Las Vegas (3WallBall). Each JR WPH stop featured a JR WPH clinic alongside the JR WPH competitions, with the junior players having a chance to learn from and play alongside top WPH Outdoor pros and coaches.

The 19-and-under JR WPH singles featured four different boy’s winners in four events, as New York’s Tristian Durbin, and California’s Marco Alatorre, Jesus Mendez, and Daniel Barrientos all collected titles. One-half of Brooklyn’s “Wonder Twins” Melanie Garante won the girls 19-and-under singles at the 2017 NYC JR WPH Shootout.

New York’s Edwin Troncoso won the 17-and-under singles at Brooklyn’s 2017 NYC JR WPH Shootout, while California’s Mauricio Molina won the 17-and-under 3WallBall JR WPH singles at the 3WallBall Championships. New York City’s Jasmine Chen captured the Girl’s 2017 NYC JR WPH Shootout in Brooklyn.

Central California’s Michael Bautista finished the season as the #1 ranked 15-and-under JR WPH star, finishing second at Fullerton and the 3WallBall Championships. Bautista edged David Sanchez III, Eddie Rocha, Jesus Mendez, and Kelvin Garcia for the top spot.

David Sanchez III won the 13-and-under 4-Wall national title in December of 2016 and added the 14-and-under Fullerton title to his glittering resume. New York’s Fernando Hernandez and California’s Abraham Espindola shared the top 14-and-under honors with Sanchez, winning the NYC JR WPH Shootout and the 3WallBall, respectively.

Abraham Espindola added the #1 JR WPH 12-and-under ranking to his stellar season, winning Fullerton in June. Southern California’s Xavier Flores and Northern California’s Daniel Sanchez shared the top spot in the 10-and-under JR WPH season, with Sanchez winning the IceMan and Flores winning in Fullerton.

“We are extremely proud of all of the youngsters who participated in the 2017 JR WPH events,” stated WPH Development Director David Fink. “Although we recognize the winners of each event, the real winners are those who had fun playing, gave their best effort, and are determined to continue playing and improving in the future.”

19-and-under boys

1. Tristian Durbin (NY) 10

1. Marco Alatorre (CA) 10

1. Jesus Mendez (CA) 10

1. Daniel Barrientos (CA) 10

5. Salvador Diaz (CA) 8

5. Edwin Troncoso (NY) 8

5. Octavio Romero (CA) 8

19-and-under girls

1. Melanie Garate (NY) 10

2. Jessenia Garate (NY) 8

2. Emily Sanchez (CA) 8

17-and-under boys

1. Edwin Troncoso (NY) 10

1. Mauricio Molina (CA) 10

3. Henry Santana (NY) 8

3. Jesus Mendez (CA) 8

17-and-under girls

1. Jasmine Chen (NY) 10

2. Celeste Luna (NY) 8

15-and-under boys

1. Michael Bautista (CA) 16

2. David Sanchez III (CA) 10

2. Eddie Rocha Jr. (CA) 10

2. Jesus Mendez (CA) 10

2. Kelvin Garcia (NY) 10

6. Alex Trujillo (CA) 8

6. Joshua Rosa (NY) 8

8. Louis Montes (CA) 6

15-and-under girls

1. Cathy Chen (NY) 10

2. Celeste Luna (NY 8

14-and-under boys

1. David Sanchez III (CA) 10

1. Fernando Hernandez (NY) 10

1. Abraham Espindola (CA) 10

4. Ferman Victoria (CA) 8

4. William Li (NY 8

4. Jacob Marin (CA) 8

15-and-under girls

1. Madison Borrego (NY) 10

2. Veronica Figueroa (NY) 8

12-and-under boys

1. Abraham Espindola (CA) 10

2. Moises Barrientos (CA) 8

10-and-under boys

1. Daniel Sanchez (CA) 10

1. Xavier Flores (CA) 10

3. Victor Serrato (CA) 8

3. Jose Arellanos (CA) 8

5. Emilio Serrato (CA) 6