2017/18 R48 Elite 8 Men’s + WR48 Match Analytics

Posted on Sep 28 2018 - 10:54am by DV

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 9/18/18-

Jump inside the numbers with the 2017/18 R48 Elite 8 Men’s + WR48 Pros average number of kills shots, ace serves, pass shots, and errors in games to 15 points.

Player: Killian Carroll

Kills/game: 8.8

Aces/game: 2.5

Passes/game: 2

Errors/game: 4.8

Player: Sean Lenning

Kills/game: 9.1

Aces/game: 2.3

Passes/game: 3.3

Errors/game: 6.1

Player: Mando Ortiz

Kills/game: 7.5

Aces/game: 1.4

Passes/game: 2.7

Errors/game: 6.5

Player: Daniel Cordova

Kills/game: 7

Aces/game: 1.8

Passes/game: 4.4

Errors/game: 5.2

Player: David Fink

Kills/game: 10.8

Aces/game: 0.8

Passes/game: 2.3

Errors/game: 5

Player: Luis Cordova

Kills/game: 5.3

Aces/game: 0.7

Passes/game: 2

Errors/game: 6.3

Player: Emmett Peixoto

Kills/game: 6.3

Aces/game: 0.3

Passes/game: 5

Errors/game: 6

Player: Vic Perez

Kills/game: 8.3

Aces/game: 1.2

Passes/game: 2

Errors/game: 5.2

Inside the Numbers

Elite 8 Men’s Pro Kill average/game to 15: 7.9

Elite 8 Men’s Pro Ace Serve average/game to 15: 1.4

Elite 8 Men’s Pro Pass Shot average/game to 15: 3

Elite 8 Men’s Pro Error average/game to 15: 5.6

Most average kill shots per game: Fink (10.8)

Most average ace serves per game: Carroll (2.5)

Most average pass shots per game: Peixoto (5)

Most average errors per game: Ortiz (6.5)

Most kill shots in one game: Fink (19) vs. Perez

Most ace serves in one game: Carroll (6) vs. Ortiz

Most pass shots in one game: D. Cordova (7) vs. Ruiz

Most errors in one game: M. Ortiz (14) vs. D. Cordova

R48 number’s 1-4 ranked pros average ace serves per game: 2

R48 number’s 5-8 ranked pros average ace serves per game: 0.95

2017/18 WR48 Match Analytics

Player: Catriona Casey

(match vs. Martina McMahon at ’17 WR48 Memorial)

Kills/game: 4.7

Aces/game: 0.3

Passes/game: 2.3

Errors/game:  10.3

Player: Martina McMahon

(match vs. Catriona Casey at the ’17 WR48 Memorial)

Kills/game: 6.7

Aces/game: 1.3

Passes/game: 2.7

Errors/game: 9.7

Player: Aimee Tuohey

(vs. Courtney Peixoto de Melo at the ’18 WR48 Player’s Championship and vs. Ashley Moler at the ’18 WR48 Las Vegas)

Kills/game: 7.7

Aces/game:  0.7

Passes/game: 4

Errors/game: 6.3

Player: Courtney Peixoto

(vs. Tracy Davis at the ’18 WR48 Las Vegas and vs. Aimee Tuohey at the ’18 WR48 Player’s Championship)

Kills/game: 2

Aces/game: 0.5

Passes/game: 6

Errors/game: 8.6

Player: Tracy Davis

(vs. Courtney Peixoto de Melo at the ’18 WR48 Las Vegas)

Kills/game: 2.5

Aces/game: 1

Passes/game: 7.5

Errors/game: 9

Player: Ashley Moler

(vs. Aimee Tuohey at the ’18 WR48 Las Vegas)

Kills/game: 4

Aces/game: 0

Passes/game: 2

Errors/game: 15

Kills=ball bounces twice in front of returner before he/she touches the ball

Aces= returner does not get his/her hand on the ball before the ball bounces twice

Passes: ball goes behind the returner and he/she does not touch the ball before the ball bounces twice

Errors: any ball that hits a player’s hand that does not make the front wall (diving, on the run not included)

*Games to 25 were included by dividing stats by 1.7 to simulate a 15-point game

David Fink

WPH Senior Statistician

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