2015 WPH Top 10 Moments: Number’s 2 and 1

Posted on Dec 25 2015 - 4:05am by DV

top-102The World Players of Handball Foundation enjoyed an incredible 2015, complete with more than 750 junior handball clinics, numerous junior handball competitions and a number of incredible matches. Choosing just 10 top moments was nearly impossible. Enjoy 2015’s top tow moments!

1. WPH 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships Final: Juan Santos vs. Samzon Hernandez

The 2015 WPH 3WallBall Outdoor Championship final would not only determine the WPH 3WallBall Outdoor World Champion, but also the Hemborg Cup Champion for 2015 WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup Player of the Year. Santos had been unbeatable at the 3WallBall World Championships since 2012, winning three consecutive WPH 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships entering the 2015 final. The 3WallBall World Championships had not been kind to Samzon “The Machine” Hernandez in recent years, as one of WPH Outdoor’s most prolific champions had been unable to win a 3WallBall Outdoor singles championship since 2011, including a disappointing fourth-pace finish in 2014. “Vegas has really been Samzon’s kryptonite,” revealed WPH Executive Director David Vincent.

Sam Santos #1Hernandez appeared to be en route to ending his Vegas slump, building a one-game lead in a spectacular 12-11 first game triumph. Hernandez was on the verge on capturing the title and the Hemborg Cup WPH Outdoor Player of the Year in game two, leading 10-9 and just two points from the claiming the WPH Outdoor Player of the Year. Santos was steady under pressure, scoring the final three points of the game to force a tiebreaker.

With both players exhausted from the enormous pressure, grueling rallies and the 105-degree Vegas heat, Hernandez summoned his best handball in the tiebreaker, arriving at match point, 11-8. Needing to win just one of the next four rallies to win the match, Hernandez attempted his patented stiff-arm left “on the rise” kill. The shot looked perfect coming off of The Machine’s hand but missed by less than an inch, keeping Santos’ hope for his 3WallBall four-pete and 2015 WPH Player of the Year alive. Santos quickly scored the next two points to tie the score at 11, with the next rally to determine the WPH 3WallBall Outdoor World Champion. With both players pushing themselves to the limit during the 23-shot rally at 11-11, Hernandez lined up a cross-court pass shot from the right with Santos pinned on the right wall that would have ended the match. Unable to drive the ball past a running Santos, Santos ultimately earned the advantage in the rally, luring Hernandez into the front court and executing a perfect lob over the outstretched arm of Hernandez to win his fourth consecutive WPH 3WallBall Outdoor World Champion and the Hemborg Cup.

“I always know it’s going to be a battle against Samzon because he’s one of the best,” stated an ecstatic Santos after the match. “I was really happy to win this one and share it with my entire family that came to watch me this weekend.”

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11240772_814417041999432_6817996278965710579_o2.  Junior WPH Hosts 750 Junior Handball Clinics in 2015

The World Players of Handball Foundation and Junior WPH were proud to present more than 750 junior handball clinics in eight states and two countries for more than 2500 young people in 2015. With clinics at YMCA’s, schools, universities, athletic clubs, summer camps, Race 4 Eight events, WPH Outdoor events and local and regional tournaments, Junior WPH provided hundreds of opportunities for young people to develop sportsmanship, leadership, integrity, discipline, teamwork, camaraderie and a physically active lifestyle through handball. Junior WPH clinics are possible because of generous donors to the World Players of Handball. If you would like to donate to the growth of the next generation of young people through handball, please contact WPH Youth Donor and Development Director David Fink at fink@race4eight.com

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