Dave & Dave Episode One: Dan Armijo

Posted on Apr 12 2016 - 5:48am by DV

12916805_10153956627150519_3230815161233024768_oWeek of April 11, 2016- Join the two Dave’s as they interview handball legend and journeyman, Dan Armijo, who is aiming to qualify on the professional tour at the age of 53, as he reflects on his near 35 year professional handball career.

We read someplace that nobody listens to Radio anymore… that Podcasts are, “The Thing,” right now.  Okay, but what if we combined the two?  There are all kinds of podcasts and radio programs from music to sports to political talk, but the only ones worth listening to are the funny ones, the comedic ones, the ones with the jokes and all those hard, hard laughs.

Image2We’re at least a decade deep into the podcast revolution, where you pretty much have to have your own podcast if you want to be heard, which doesn’t really explain this Radio-Cast by Dave and Dave, but we were told to write something nice to help kick off the first episode, so…

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