R48 Power Rankings: Post Nola ‘17

Posted on Feb 20 2017 - 8:22am by david

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 2/20/17- The Race 4 Eight Power Rankings saw a huge shakeup following the R48 6 Stop #4 New Orleans, as second-time R48 winner Killian Carroll moved into the #2 spot following his New Orleans comeback victory. David Fink rose to #3, returning to the top three for the first time since March of 2014 on the heels of three consecutive R48 finals appearances. Mando Ortiz stayed in the #1 spot for the third consecutive event and fourth consecutive month, while Paul Brady dropped outside the R48 top five for the first time since 2014. Vic Perez officially moved into the R48 Elite 8 for the first time after his sixth place finish in New Orleans, while two-year R48 Elite 8 veteran Daniel Cordova dropped out of the Elite 8 for the first time since early 2015.

Houston’s Race 4 Eight 6 Stop #5 will see the #1 ranking up for grabs, as Mando Ortiz, Killian Carroll, David Fink, or Luis Moreno will leave the Lone Star State as the R48 #1. Mando Ortiz would stay at #1 if he wins the event or finishes tied with or one main draw round lower than Fink and Carroll. Carroll would become #1 if he wins the event and Ortiz loses before the final, Fink would become #1 if he wins Houston, or makes the final and Ortiz loses before the final or finishes one main draw round higher than Ortiz and loses in the same round as Carroll. Luis Moreno would become #1 if he wins the event, Ortiz finishes 7th or worse, Carroll loses before the final, and Fink loses before the semis. Got all that?

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R48 6 Points Standings and Head to Head Records (through Stop #4)

Ortiz (27) 11-3

Fink (26) 12-4

Moreno (23) 11-5

Carroll (16) 7-1

Peixoto (14.5) 7-5

Lenning (14.5) 6-5

Perez (12) 6-6

D. Cordova (12) 7-6

L. Cordova (11.5) 8-5

McCarthy (10) 4-0

Nett (10) 5-5

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