WPH R48Pro Minnesota – Nov 18

Posted on Oct 26 2016 - 6:01am by DV

The Biggest Rivalry In Handball Continues when the Senior R48Pro 40+ Tour heads to the University of Minnesota, November 18th-20th for Part II of the Marcos Chavez ~ Naty Alvarado Show!

They are both members of the LAAC, but once on the court, everything seems to change and some of it isn’t pretty!

WPH R48Pro Ball used for Qualifiers, Elite Men, and Senior R48Pros; meanwhile, the WPH uses the USHA Red 21 for Women, Age Division, Skilled & Amatuer Brackets at this stop and all season long (now entering our 6th straight year).

Qualifiers are capped at 32 and start at 9am Friday; main bracket pros Emmett Peixoto, David Fink, Sean Lenning, Luis Moreno, Mando Ortiz Jr., Daniel Cordova, Killian Carroll, et al, begin after 2pm.  There will be eight “named” pros, as the WPH will qualify an additional eight.

Anyone can play! Deadline in two weeks!

Senior48Pro 40+ bracket is open and currently headlined by Sr #1, Marcos Chavez, followed by Naty Alvarado, and Dan “The Hand” Armijo.

Details here: http://www.r2sports.com/website/event-website.asp?TID=18706