The 59th USHA 4 Wall Junior Nationals: Deadline Nears

Posted on Dec 9 2014 - 1:43pm by DV

WPH Press, 12/9/14, The United States Handball Association is proud to present the 59th Annual USHA National Junior 4-Wall Handball Championships in Tucson, AZ, hosted by the Fred Lewis Foundation for Youth Handball; December 26th-30th, 2014, at the Tucson Racquet Club. Juniors from the U.S., Canada, and Ireland will have the opportunity to compete in singles and doubles in the game’s oldest and most prestigious 4-Wall junior handball tournament.

Video by Dave Vincent, WPH Live TV

“Tucson has hosted almost all of the game’s greatest men’s and women’s players in 2014 and will now play host to the greatest junior handball players in the world,” revealed WPH Development Director David Fink. “Tucson has one of the best junior handball communities in the world and I cannot wait to watch our local stars challenge the best from across the world. The World Players of Handball is very proud to be donating and supporting the game’s most prestigious 4-Wall junior championship.”

“With the Fred Lewis Foundation for Youth Handball hosting the Junior Nationals, young handballers will enjoy a truly unique experience,” boasted USHA Development Coordinator Matt Krueger. “On Opening Night, junior players will be welcomed to the Tucson Racquet Club with a clinic from our local pros. From there, they’ll have the opportunity to test their skills with various court challenges in our Handball Rodeo. Our unique drop-down format promotes competition and participation since each player is guaranteed three matches. This allows players of all abilities to eventually play into their appropriate skill level and compete against peers with similar experience.”

“Junior handball is certainly booming and one needs to look no further than the Tucson Racquet Club on most nights to see the junior game flourishing,” stated WPH Executive Director David Vincent. “The TRC will really be buzzing when Tucson’s best juniors are greeted by the best juniors in the world just after Christmas.”

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