SCHA Hall of Fame Member, Dell Mora, Passes

Posted on Nov 23 2017 - 1:40pm by DV

Dell Mora (87), passed away earlier today at his California Home.

From Randy Multack…”Dell was a guy who had polio as a kid and wasn’t supposed to walk again. He not only walked, but he ran, and he became one of the best and most celebrated high school athletes to come out of Santa Barbara at his time. He set numerous track and field records that went unbroken for many years, in addition to being an All-Star in football and playing other varsity sports. He went on to a great career in handball, playing in the finals of 20 national singles and doubles tournaments and winning 15 of them, even though he didn’t start playing the game until he was in his later 30’s.

Dell Mora was a force to be reckoned with, both on and off the court. He was the life of most parties, and he did love to party. There were some legendary ones at his house in Santa Barbara after the Semana Nautica handball tournaments. No one loved a good time more than Dell.

Dell lived a very full life and lived it on his terms. He was as stubborn as they come and he was also one tough son of a bitch. But he also had a softer side which not many people ever got to see (especially those he played against) and he loved people. His best times were being with people and having a few drinks. Captain Morgan was a good friend of his.

Dell certainly left his mark on the world of those who knew him. I loved him and I’ll miss him, as will most who were part of his large circle of friends. Santa Barbara won’t be quite the same for me anymore.

Safe travels, Dell – I’ll miss you.

As for services, although possibly subject to change, his son Armand was thinking of something after the Christmas/New Year’s holiday.

Could be a memorial, could be a party. Hard to say at this point.”

From Tom Rohrback…”Dell was 87. He had many things wrong with his body, mainly his inability to produce red, white cells & platelets. After he was taken off transfusions & put on home hospice, he passed away on 11/23/17.

He grew up in Santa Barbara & was a an outstanding multi-sport athlete @ SBHS. In addition, he was an integral part of the backfield on the team that went to the 1949 CIF football championship.

For 40 years, Dell was involved in the heating/air conditioning business as a sheet metal worker.

At a late age (40), he began playing 4-wall handball resulting in 15 national championships. He was also inducted into both the SCHA & National hall of fame as a Grand Master.