JR WPH List of Coaches

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Coach: David Fink
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Years playing handball: Since 1991
Years coaching handball: Since 2006
Favorite all-time athlete: Pete Sampras
Favorite handball or non-handball coach: Dad (RFC)
What was the best lesson you were ever taught by a coach: Champions are made in the thousands of hours before a tournament. They are simply crowned at the tournament
Favorite shot to teach: Fly kill
Coaching goals: For kids to have fun and to develop a healthy and active lifestyle playing a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime
Why handball coaching: Handball is a sport that teaches sportsmanship, teamwork, camaraderie, independence and decision-making, and I believe handball provides an incredible opportunity for young people to develop critical skills to succeed as adolescents and adults.


EP_CanadaJunior WPH Master Instructor Peixoto lives in San Francisco, CA and has been teaching handball to players of all ages and levels for over a decade. Coach Peixoto is not only one of the top five players in the world but is also one of the top five handball coaches in the world. Known for his patience with all players and thorough understanding of the fundamentals, Coach Peixoto excels in instructing and mentoring handball’s youth. Armed with a Master’s degree in philosophy and one of just two WPH instructors to have earned “Master” status, Coach Peixoto will improve any junior handball player’s skills and direction. Coach Peixoto led the WPH Junior Handball Camp in Mankato, MN, as well as well-received clinics at the Canadian Nationals, Big C in Concord, CA and dozens of clinics on the cross-country WPH Tour de Tundra Bike Tour.


Junior Tucson YMCAJunior WPH Instructor Richie Estrella leads a group of enthusiastic young handball players in the Junior WPH Tucson Conquistadores junior handball program.

Coach Estrella has played handball since the age of nine and has loved the game since the first time he hit the ball. After playing competitively through his teens, Coach Estrella found his greatest passion to be introducing and coaching the game to junior players.

Coach Estrella leads weekly junior handball lessons in Tucson, sharing his passion and knowledge for the game with the next generation of Tucson players.

The World Players of Handball Foundation and the Tucson Conquistadores proudly support Coach Estrella’s team in its backyard and enthusiastically provides opportunities for Junior WPH Tucson to learn from local pros and participate in in Tucson junior handball competitions.



DD+picJunior WPH Instructor Danielle Daskalakis leads the WPH sponsored Westside YMCA Harry Mellis, serving as a handball coach and mentor to 35 junior handball players in New York City.

Daskalakis is one of the premiere cross over players in the sport, as she is one of the best 1-Wall, 3-Wall and 4-Wall players in the game.

Daskalakis brings the same passion for playing as she does coaching, always stressing fundamentals, sportsmanship and having fun on the handball court with her enthusiastic Harry Mellis junior handball team.

Coach Daskalakis organizes weekly junior handball clinics, local junior handball tournaments and takes her team to several regional and national handball tournaments each year.

The World Players of Handball Foundation is proud to sponsor Coach Daskalakis and the Harry Mellis junior handball team.



Sal duenas coaching picCoach: Sal “Wiz” Duenas
Hometown: Santa Ana, Orange County CA
Years playing handball: Since 1995
Years coaching handball: Since 2009
Favorite all-time player: Fink
Favorite handball or non-handball coach: Fink
What was the best lesson you were ever taught by a coach: Play one game at a time
Favorite shot to teach: High-side front defense from back court for positioning
Coaching goals: To help young players build a strategy game with footwork, positioning and shot selection and high percentage shots vs. low. Court coverage. Positive goals in life stay out of trouble.
Why handball coaching: Handball coaching motivates me knowing that I can pass on experience and knowledge developed over 20 years playing with small ball “pre-pro” players and big ball pros on all courts and with any ball.


John Bike coaching profile picCoach: John Bike
Hometown: Spring Valley Lake, CA
Years playing handball: Since 1978
Years coaching handball: Since 1987
Favorite all-time player: Lupe Bike
Favorite handball or non-handball coach: Pete Tyson
What was the best lesson you were ever taught by a coach: Nothing. I was totally uncoachable
Favorite shot to teach: Tomahawk Kill
Coaching goals: That students know enough to enjoy the game, be able to continue to grow, and stay healthy
Why handball coaching: I freely offer my opinions on all topics. Handball is the one where some people take my opinion seriously.


tdCoach: Tracy Davis
Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Years playing handball: Since 1997 (professionally); Since 1986 (overall)
Years coaching handball: Since 2009
Favorite all-time player: Lisa Fraser, Priscilla Shumate, Tony Healy, Vince Munoz
Favorite handball or non-handball coach: Cesar Sala, Fred Lewis, Sean Lenning
What was the best lesson you were ever taught by a coach: Footwork and patience
Favorite shot to teach: The shot that the player/student wants to learn
Coaching goals: That practice can be just as fulfilling and fun as playing.
Why handball coaching: Coaching allows me to share what I know with other players and learn from (and with) them, too.


10486384_10152338792721905_5901251927050991829_oCoach: Ryan Bowler
Hometown: Toronto
Years playing handball: Since 1990
Years coaching handball: Since 2002
Favorite all-time player: Danny Bell
Favorite handball or non-handball coach: Fred Bowler
What was the best lesson you were ever taught by a coach: Have fun playing
Favorite shot to teach: Sidearm kill
Coaching goals: To get young people to be active and have fun playing an amazing game for life.
Why handball coaching: Handball needs more players, and players need to start somewhere. I believe that handball is a game that gets more fun as you improve and are able to be competitive, once people are getting into long rallies and playing with friends, they get hooked. I just enjoy everything about handball, and would love to see it thrive in the coming years.


Mike Morgan coaching profile picCoach: Michael Morgan
Hometown: Devon, PA
Years playing handball: Since 2003
Years coaching handball: Since 2012
Favorite all-time player: There’s no way I can pick just one favorite player, David Chapman for his mental game, his ability to get into the opponents and refs head is impressive. Luis Cordova style is so smooth, when he’s really into a game and everything is working, the game just seems effortless to him. Sean Lenning is amazing to watch, you don’t always know where the kill shot is coming from but you know its coming.
Favorite handball or non-handball coach: It has been said several different ways throughout history but Don Shula once said “Success is not forever and failure isn’t fatal.” I’ve taken this to mean never stop trying to better yourself and don’t be afraid the fail because you can always get back up and try harder next time.
What was the best lesson you were ever taught by a coach: Play because you love the game, the rest will fall into place.
Favorite shot to teach: From around the short line the right to left corner kills, everyone knows the shot but no one ever expects it.
Coaching goals: Retention is the ultimate goal, get students playing and keep them playing! And a Collegiate National Title or two wouldn’t hurt.
Why handball coaching: I fell in love with Handball the moment I stepped on the court. My goal is to share the game with as many new players as I can in the hopes they will find joy in the game as well.


Catriona Casey coaching profile picCoach: Catriona Casey
Hometown: Ballydesmond, Co. Cork
Years playing handball: Since 2002
Years coaching handball: Since 2011
Favorite all-time player: Tony Healy
Favorite handball or non-handball coach: Joe Schmidt (Irish Rugby Head Coach)
What was the best lesson you were ever taught by a coach: I’ve picked up lots of great advice over the years and it’s safe to say I’m still learning! Being encouraged to develop my off hand at a young age was definitely something which benefited me greatly.
Favorite shot to teach: Overhand Ceiling Shot

Coaching goals: I am very passionate about getting more exposure for our game. The majority of handball players will tell you that once they tried the sport, they were instantly hooked! My main goal when coaching is that each player enjoys themselves and sees what handball has to offer. I tend to focus on developing fundamental skills before moving on to more complex areas such as strategy. I like to foster an environment where players strive for progress, rather than perfection, and in so doing, reach their full potential.

Why handball coaching: Personally, I feel very fortunate that handball is such a big part of my life. It has presented me with so many great opportunities, and I know I would not be playing now had it not been for those who showed me the basics, and offered me advice and encouragement. It’s a great honor to be able to give back to the sport which has given me so much. It’s a high-intensity sport which require physical and mental prowess, and I think the future is bright!


Fernandez Seen on Far Right (black shirt)

Fernandez Seen on Far Right (black shirt)

Coach: David Ricardo Fernandez Torres
Hometown: Ciudad Juarez
Years playing handball: Since 2003
Years coaching handball: Since 2014
Favorite all-time player: Luis Moreno
Favorite handball or non-handball coach: Father
What was the best lesson you were ever taught by a coach: Imagine the shot in your head, think how can you do it, then practice (from my dad)
Favorite shot to teach: Right corner
Coaching goals: I want to handball grows up in Juarez and to have a team of junior players representing Juarez in tournaments.
Why handball coaching: My motivation is for handball to grow in Juarez to carry on the great tradition of players like my dad and many others that have been playing for over 40 years.


10710472_10152887848318799_243153440446205582_oWPH Certified Instructor Cordova recently relocated to Pensacola, FL after spending his entire life in Juarez, Mexico. Cordova possesses a quiet demeanor that instills confidence and admiration in his students. Cordova is the youngest ever player to qualify for the Elite 8 WPH Player’s Championship and at 23, Cordova relates exceptionally well with today’s youth. Cordova has taught numerous Junior WPH clinics in Florida, as well as a highly successful clinic at the WPH Torneo de Handball in Juarez, Mexico.


902762_625748520772600_1124203130_oWPH Certified Instructor Mulkerrins lives in Moycullen, County Galway, Ireland and is widely regarded as the future of the game of handball. At 21 years old, Coach Mulkerrins has already advanced to the finals of the 4-Wall Nationals and secured wins over several of the top players in the sport. Coach Mulkerrins brings the same passion, professionalism and positive disposition to coaching as he does playing, making him one of the premiere coaches in the world. Coach Mulkerrins is idolized in his home county and spends a great deal of time coaching the 120 junior players at his home club. Coach Mulkerrins has led Junior WPH Clinics at the Texas State Championships in Austin, Texas, as well as a R48 Junior WPH Clinic at the Plummer Bash in Coeur de’Alene, Idaho.


1936243_1190474486723_57049_nWPH Certified Instructor Wells works as a professor of mathematics at Minnesota State University in Mankato, MN and brings the same passion for mathematics to coaching handball. Coach Wells hosted the 2013 Mankato Junior WPH Summer Camp and proudly serves as the head coach of Minnesota State’s collegiate handball team. Coach Wells has fully embraced the WPH Coaching Manual and implements the lesson plan daily at Minnesota State college handball practices.


395302_10150677008601195_1078833184_nWPH Certified Instructor Stoffel lives in Mankato, MN and co-hosts the Mankato Junior WPH Summer Camp with Coach Mike Wells, as well as serving as an assistant coach of the Mankato State collegiate handball team. Coach Stoffel is the proud parent of junior handball phenom Tyler Stoffel. Coach Stoffel embraces the analytical aspects of the game of handball, employing fundamentals from the Junior WPH Coaching Exam to study video analysis of his student’s strokes in frame-by-frame analysis.


aoifeWPH Certified Coach, Aiofee McCarthy is one of the premiere junior handball coaches in the world, as she combines a vast understanding of the fundamentals and strategies of the game with the ability to relate to players of all ages and levels.

Coach McCarthy has been an integral part of Irish junior handball development, coaching numerous Irish junior clinics since 2010.

Coach McCarthy joined Junior WPH Tucson in the summer of 2014, coaching 20 junior clinics per week at the 10-week Tucson Racquet Club All Sports Summer Camp and WPH Outdoor clinics at the 2014 WPH Outdoor La Mirada and 2014 WPH/WOR 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships. Coach McCarthy is not only one of the top coaches in the game, but also one of the top players on the WR48 tour.



WPH Certified Instructor Phelps serves as the head handball coach at Utah State in Logan, Utah. Coach Phelps has been a handball coach for over 30 years and has been responsible for introducing handball to hundreds of college students in his tenure at Utah State University. Coach Phelps combines vast handball knowledge and a love for the game to inspire new players. Coach Phelps focuses on making handball fun and hooking his students on the camaraderie and the active lifestyle that handball provides.