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Posted on Nov 28 2015 - 9:47am by DV

cropped-finkdv2.jpgThe World Players of Handball filmed its first match in 2005 and pioneered the first live handball broadcast in 2006 at the Washington Athletic Club, forever changing the accessibility to watching the best players in the game. Since its first broadcast in 2006, the World Players of Handball has broadcast more than 100 live handball events, including every Race 4 Eight event since the inception of the tour in 2011, multiple USHA Four Wall National Championships and World Handball Championships, the USHA Collegiate National Championships, Pre-Race WPH Pro Stops, and the Vegas 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships. With each year, the broadcasts have improved, adding better technology, an Emmy Award Winning production team and professional announcers to describe all of the action in intricate and colorful detail. ESPN3 took notice of the outstanding production quality, adding the WPH Race 4 Eight tour and the WPH 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships in 2014.

Hear what current pros, living legends and handball fans have to say about the broadcasts below!

cropped-IMG_0529.jpg“The WPH deserves the strongest endorsement for its service to handball, to handball fans, and to ESPN. Not only are the preeminent announcers Dave Vincent and David Fink objective, amusing, and knowledgeable about this challenging and elite international sport, but they also oversee a top-flight and professional broadcast team: quick-witted camera-people, engaging roving reporters, and astute sideline personnel. Furthermore, you don’t have to be a handball expert to benefit from work of the WPH team and their professional broadcasts, as they explain the sport’s intricacies in ways that show how handball tactics apply to other sports and—indeed—apply to living a full life as well.  Handball may be unique as an international sport in that its competitors’ traditions derive from ONE strong central concept, the solidarity of families.  Handball is not so much about a solo artist or unique team competing against others in the world.  It’s about a family member who also competes in a challenging and tactical enterprise for the glory and entertainment of the competitor’s family, and to the glory and entertainment of the entire world’s handball community.    The professional awareness of this central mission and family symbolism reflects the WPH’s dedication to a sacred spirit, one centered on n athlete’s pure and elite skills exhibited in broadcast competitions.”

College Professor, handball historian and highly coveted coach and Boak Ferris


cropped-10271362_10152410172688799_2130636218140960685_o.jpg“As a player, fan and overall handball enthusiast, the WPH ESPN Broadcasts have given Handball over to a wider audience. The once underground sub-culture has peaked its head into the mainstream of sports entertainment. And, because of ESPN, people can see this high-octane sport in pure crystal clear definition streaming. This is complemented with in-depth analyses from broadcasters and players that offer exclusive insights into the world of pro handball and the complexities of the game.”

-R48 Elite 8 Pro Stephen Cooney


“I love the WPH broadcast! As a spectator, I love how convenient it is to grab my phone, turn on the app and live stream games from a tournament that I couldn’t attend. As a player, I love going back and watching film of myself and listening in on what the commentators have to say. It has allowed me to improve and compare my game by watching myself and other top pros that I wouldn’t normally see. I, especially enjoy the player interviews and Kara Mac’s court side interviews.”

-Current Women’s 1-Wall World Singles and Doubles Champion Danielle Daskalakis


cropped-cropped-INSIDE-EXTRAS-3.jpg“The WPH ESPN broadcasts are great and really help develop the game of handball. The quality of it is fantastic and I like watching the game’s top players compete when I’m not able to make it to the tournament. I enjoy being able to watch the broadcasts and improve my own handball game by watching the top pros. Thank you to the WPH for continuously providing the handball community with such a great service in the ESPN broadcasts.”

-Aspiring R48 Qualifier Matt Chu


“I try to make as many tournaments as possible, but the few that I have missed, I have watched on the ESPN broadcasts and it’s been awesome. It’s great to be able to watch handball in HD. My wife even told me one time, It’s just like if I was there watching you, but I don’t have to be at the club for 8 hours a day.”

-R48 I Elite 8 Luis Cordova


cropped-cropped-INSIDE-EXTRAS-2.jpg“The WPH’s live webcasting of handball has dramatically changed the sport for the better. It is, in my opinion, the single greatest positive development in the history of the game. The camera angles and quality of visual production is outstanding, the anchor commentary is very strong and the color commentary/analysis is enlightening and adds greatly to the experience. Every time there is a webcast, I meet up with friends to watch and we make a party out of it – it really is a life-changing thing for fans of this sport!”

-Preeminent Irish sportswriter and Balls.ie handball writer Paul Fitzpatrick


“I’m so thankful WPH has a live Webcast of tournaments. Not being able to travel to many tournaments it allows me to follow my favorite Pros on Tour. Being able to see the Pros coupled with Dave and Dave’s detailed commentating not only allows me to enjoy the matches but also allows me to learn and grow as a handball player. I look forward to each tournament and where WPH webcast goes in the future!”-R48 Qualifier Hopeful and Former ESPN Top 10 Plays Honoree Joe Delsardo


alvarado“Watching WPH live on ESPN is the best thing my family and I think has happened since ESPN joined forces with WPH. Even when we are at the events, my family back home is streaming it live. The top players are always showcased in the stream and it’s in HD, which is even better. The effects and transitions are exciting also and we love all ESPN and WPH does for this great sport.”

-WPH Outdoor “Fab Four” Member and the OC Wizard Sal Duenas


“Being able to watch the WPH on ESPN has really grown my love for handball. Now I get to play the ultimate game and watch the best players playing the ultimate game! Plus the player interviews, and high definition quality of the stream, make it a really enjoyable experience to watch handball at home. “

-Top Pittsburgh Handball Star Andrew Joseph


cropped-IMG_0427.jpg“The greatest thing that’s happened to handball in the past decade is the ability to view play with the ESPN broadcast!  Being apart of a unique organization with such great ties allows the handball fans to watch matches at home when we are not able to partake in the event! When at the tournaments, the broadcast allows my family and friends to watch the best handballers in the world.  I am honored and privileged to play for the WPH and under the ESPN broadcast which has allowed people to watch handball around the world!”

-“The Giant Killer” Anthony Selestow


“As an avid consumer of televised sporting events, I continue to be impressed with the excellent product put out by the WPH. Hats off to Kris Gurrad and the Production Crew!!”

-Handball Hall of Famer and Former #1 Pro John Bike Jr.


cropped-OUTDOOR-EXTRA-31.jpg“I want to give a special thanks to WPH for all that they do for the sport of handball. It’s amazing how they promote the tournaments and invite the greatest athletes in the world to showcase their talent in the pro stops around the states. Also, how the WPH hosts clinic and gets the youth involved to help grow the sport and keep positive mindset on the younger generation is awesome. To me the best part is that they live stream the matches so that family, friends and fan’s can see all the action and stay updated on what’s going on during their tournaments. It feels great being apart of the tournaments they have due to warm welcome and the atmosphere of being around great people and handball friends. Want to thank ESPN3 also for allowing the players to show the sport being played at its best level of intensity possible. Viewing the games on replay is the best for me helps me, as I see my games and understand it from an outside point of view and allows me to view my mistakes so that I can work on and sharpen up for the next tournament.”

-1-Wall #1 pro and WPH Outdoor cross over star Timbo Gonzalez


cropped-INSIDE-EXTRAS-4.jpg“The quality of the production makes the ball easy to see, even on a phone or a tablet. I love the energy the commentators bring to each and every broadcast!”

-Former World Outdoor Racquetball National Director, Event Director of the Beach Bash Racquetball Tournament and Event Director of World 3WallBall Championships Vic Leibofsky


“The WPH has taken pro handball to a new level.  Teaming up with ESPN has proven to enhance the broadcasts. Thanks to the WPH for its continued growth.”

-9-time 4-Wall National Champion and Former #1 Pro David Chapman


dvdf“I really love watching the WPH ESPN broadcasts. The coverage is great and when I’m unable to attend the events in able to enjoy the games on my 70 inch smart tv from home with my wife and daughter.”

-Multiple time WPH Outdoor Singles and Doubles Yellow Jersey Winner Ricky Ruiz


“The WPH is doing a great job promoting handball. I’d love to make it to every event, but when I can’t, it’s great being able to watch the live broadcasts. The quality is second to none, and the commentary helps make the broadcasts even more entertaining. I always look forward to the live broadcasts, or when I can’t watch live, viewing the uploaded videos on demand later. They are a great way to see the top players compete against each other, and see the many different styles. I’ve used them to help train juniors and I always hope to learn a thing or two myself by watching.”

-Top Canadian Handball Player and R48 Pro Ryan Bowler


1_clipped_rev_1 (1)“I really enjoy watching the WPH ESPN webcasts of the best handball players in the world.  When I’m not able to watch in person at the tournament, the next best thing is to watch it via live ESPN webcast.  The webcast is able to reflect the speed and high-octane tempo of each match, while all the while, the WPH’s professional announcers provide insightful commentary and analysis on all the matches. It’s an incredible experience – something I always look forward to!”

-2013 SR48 Player’s Champion Andy Schad


“Watching the WPH live on ESPN is awesome every time. I get the live feel from home when I don’t get the chance to travel to the tournaments. I want to thank the WPH staff members for all of their hard work and dedication to my favorite sport.”

-WPH Yellow Jersey Super fan Martin Ruiz


12032676_10153681860748799_1158897406430455326_o“I really love watching the WPH ESPN broadcasts. Unfortunately I can’t make it to all the events but thanks to the WPH and ESPN, the broadcasts allow me to watch every game with great resolution. It also gives my family a chance to watch my games live even when I’m thousands of miles away.”

-2015 WPH R48 Rookie of the Year Daniel Cordova


“I wanted to write to let you know how appreciative I am of the continued efforts to promote the various disciplines of Handball to the masses by way of live streaming with Watch ESPN. This is has been such a helpful tool in a variety of ways.

IMG_0860First, as a player, this technology has afforded me an opportunity for an extensive amount of viewing many different professionals to continue to improve my own game. I can honestly say that this has been a resource previous generations of handball players have had limited to no ability to view. As a result, I firmly believe the game has experienced significant improvement as a whole.

Second, I have spoken with many players and now residents in my community that have been able to watch the top players on the Watch ESPN live feed and have commented on the quality of the picture, the colorful and insightful commentary, and the passion of competition that is displayed at these events. It encompasses the core values that sportsmen share.

Finally, as a teacher, the match videos that I have been able to share with my High School students have given me a connection piece that ties to the classroom. In today’s world of education we need any little edge to connect to kids and Handball’s partnership with Watch ESPN streaming videos definitely helps in this regard, especially with some of my more underprivileged students.

I know the WPH works diligently to continue to provide us with the amazing resource to view all of our favorite players and in doing so, I am also confident that they will continue to grow our wonderful game to a level that sustains for generations to come.”

-Top 5 SR48 Star Chris “Waddy Dog” Watkins


“I love watching the WPH broadcasts because I’m able to watch the best players in the sport and learn how to become a better player and coach. I have all of our Juarez juniors watch the broadcasts to develop the proper fundamentals and strategy. The coverage of all of the matches is outstanding and really allows us to feel like we are inside the court with the game’s best.”

-WPH Juarez Head Coach Richie (Drft) Fernandez


IMG_9330“My friends and I, and my sons, TOTALLY enjoy the online LIVE streamline coverage of WPH events! The notices on Facebook are helpful; and the written previews, commentaries, interviews, and post event ‘wrap-ups’ are informative, well-written, clever, and enjoyable to watch!
But, the WPH LIVE ESPN action- packed-coverage is what my family and friends appreciate the most! We can’t be at every event and this show brings the action into our homes, office, and mobile phones!
David Fink and Dave Vincent compliment each other in an attractive and captivating way for all of us to enjoy! Their experiences as excellent competitive players enable them to share firsthand their feelings, expectations, drama, humor, ‘color’ commentary, and much more!
Both announcers have an uncanny memory for the history of the beautiful game.The Dave’s quick recollections of facts, stats, locations, etc keep the audiences attentive, captivated and intrigued for what they might say next!
The camera work crew, keeps us ‘on the court’, and in the facility, with the players and the crowds in a very professional attractive way.
Keep up the good work gentlemen, ladies, and staff of the WPH! Keep the ESPN LIVE streamline coverage coming.”
Northeast Handball Super Fan Geoff Smyth

IMG_9784“The WPH has brought professional handball to a new level with their broadcasting.  Watching the pros play has been great, and the team has really made it a polished experience.  The video is amazing, and the announcers are entertaining, insightful and engaging.  Thanks to the WPH for making these matches so accessible!”

-Sports Psychologist and 24-time National Master’s Champion Dr. Dan Zimet, PhD


“There was a time when viewing top level Handball could only take place if I was there in person attending the actual event. For the last few years the WPH ESPN broadcast team has taking the viewing of our great sport to another level. I can now get together with my Handball family and friends to watch the best players play anywhere in the world. Everyone benefit’s from listening and viewing the WPH ESPN broadcast coverage. There is always excellent insight on proper Handball fundamentals and up-to-date player statistics. The broadcasts also allow me to know who is sponsoring our great game so that I can continue to endorse, purchase, and promote Handball sponsors and their products.”

-R48 and SR48 Pro and Handball Ambassador Naty Alvarado, Jr.

10710485_10152891868478799_511879960367846099_o“Handball has always struggled to reach a mass audience – that was, until the WPH pioneered webcasting which allows fans all over the world to tune in to live and delayed coverage of pro events. The WPH team have honed their craft over the years to the point where the coverage compares favourably with that of mainstream sports. My friends and family back home can watch my games which is fantastic but the overall effect of webcasting is much greater; it inspires the youth and showcases the elite players. The coverage really puts handball on a par with better-known sports and has allowed the WPH to build up a database of statistics which feeds into the interest for all events. I have no hesitation in saying it has been an absolutely enormous boost for the sport and is greatly appreciated by the pro players. The WPH has helped to resurrect pro handball and their vision and expertise in spotting the potential of webcasting and exploiting it to such a high standard has been a key factor.”

5-Time World Open Singles Handball Champion and 10-Time USHA National Champion Paul Brady

The WPH ESPN broadcasts are key to the promotion of our sport, showcasing it to a wider audience than ever before. From my own perspective, it’s great to be able to tune in live to any tournament I’m unable to attend and watch the top players battle it out. The quality of the live stream is excellent. I particularly enjoy slow-motion replays of the most elite shots and debatable calls, highlighting the intricacies of such a fast-paced, skillful sport. I’d like to compliment the production team on their professionalism, as I’ve seen first hand how tirelessly they work. My friends and family also appreciate the opportunity to watch me play in such high resolution, all the way from Ireland, and have often stayed up til the early hours of the morning doing so, due to the time difference. Although it’s often painful to watch myself, I believe the option to watch footage back on-demand is an invaluable resource for any player. Between the commentary, player interviews, and sideline reporting; entertainment is always guaranteed. Long may the WPH ESPN broadcasts continue! Thanks to all involved.

-2-Time defending WR48 Player’s Champion and WR48 #1 Catriona Casey

297130_2286602279386_965969447_nThe WPH’s live webcasting of handball has dramatically changed the sport for the better. It is, in my opinion, the single greatest positive development in the history of the game. The camera angles and quality of visual production is outstanding, the anchor commentary is very strong and the color commentary/analysis is enlightening and adds greatly to the experience. Every time there is a webcast, I meet up with friends to watch and we make a party out of it – it really is a life-changing thing for fans of this sport!

-Preeminent Irish sportswriter and Balls.ie handball writer Paul Fitzpatrick

What would we do without it….The great team at the WPH and ESPN bring our favourite game into our living rooms. We (The Fitzgerald’s) eagerly await the telecast schedules so that we can be part of what’s happening on the other side of the world. The work and efforts of the WPH are certainly helping to bring this game to the globe. I can’t remember what it was like before we had this kind of access, for us all down under it’s been a treat, long may it continue.

-R2 Handball App Creator and Australian Handball Ambassador Simon “Mappa” Fitzgerald

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