Bob Harris Spotlight

Posted on Feb 9 2017 - 6:52am by DV

The Great Bob Harris

Saturday night, WPH Executive Director (Dave Vincent), coupled with 3WallBall, Founder, Mike Coulter, presented Bob Harris and Family w/a special lifetime award for service.  Vincent and Coulter gave speeches as local and regional crowds of fans and players gathered with family and friends to highlight the life and times of Bob Harris- a local and regional ambassador of the sport for over 40 years.  “Today we honored a gentleman that has given more to handball than nearly most I’ve ever met,” said WPH Director, Dave Vincent. “Bob Harris has connected many people to the game and continues to bring handball new players. We cannot be more pleased to help breathe life into the Royal Flush Open, as we also honor a great man, Bob Harris.”  WPH and 3WallBall vow to run The Bob II next year on or around the same dates.  Stay tuned!

While at the Royal Flush, WPH turned the spotlight on Sal Duenas for, “…achieving something that probably cannot ever be duplicated,”  Since 2010, Duenas has attended EVERY WPH Outdoor Big Ball stop and many small ball pro tour stops and events.  “Duenas is one of the greatest ambassadors of the game and is a national treasure,” barked Executive Director, Dave Vincent,

Duenas was given a free round-trip airfare ticket to Salt Lake City and the Player’s Championship for his dedication to the sport.

The World Players of Handball is a non-profit 501(c)3 Foundation that relies on support from handball players and fans. At times, there are those who go over and beyond to help the sport grow and the WPH would like to highlight those over-achievers with special Spotlight Awards.

The spotlight recognizes the incredible time and effort people and athletes put into our incredible game; to include individuals who achieve greatness on the court, while meeting milestones, acting as role models, and leading a strong and healthy life.

Contact us to nominate a spotlight individual that you feel represents the WPH and Handball –