A Tribute to Bob Harris

Posted on Oct 24 2016 - 3:25am by DV

bob-harris-1Royal Flush is Back!

The WPH Royal Flush, paying tribute to local Las Vegas legend, Bob Harris, with this 4 wall small & big ball fun money event, Presented by 3WallBall & World Players of Handball ~ February 10th-12th, 2017 @ the Las Vegas Athletic Club Central

All small ball 4 wall divisions use the USHA Red 21 except pro singles and doubles (WPH R48Pro Ball); All 4 wall big ball divisions use the Red Penn Big Ball.
WPH Outdoor will count the men’s big ball 4 wall singles toward the 2017 Outdoor Cup Series.
Bring your wallet for Fun Money Doubles, Victory Party Celebration and More! theflush@teamr48.com.
Special Hotel Rates: Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower – Thur $30, Fri $65, Sat $98, Sun $52 (Plus Tax & Fees) **Special Hotel Discount Code Coming Soon!
Come celebrate Bob Harris Weekend in Sin City with the Local Vegas Handball Club, World Players of Handball-Outdoor, 3WallBall & Race4Eight Mid-Season Handball Squad!!!
Fun Games and Events lined up!
***Must be a WPH Player’s Card Holder to Attend…  (Questions?  No probs.. just ask info@wphlive.tv)
On Line Entry HERE>

Please email to your groups and help us promote: (PDF Version HERE)