2017/18 WPH R48Pro #7 – Salt Lake, UT

Posted on Jan 15 2018 - 4:03am by david

#ThePlayers, Voted Handball’s Best by the Touring Pros Six Years in a Row!


WPH Salt Lake City Aces Player’s Championship (Highlighting the WPH Pro Women, Senior 40+ Legends of the Game, Elite Men & Qualifiers)

May 4th-6th, 2018, Salt Lake City, Utah @ The SportsMall

All Dates, Times and Locations have been approved by the United States Handball Association; Our Governing Body of the Sport

All Non-pro divisions use the USHA Red 21 Ball; WPH women use the Red 21 ball; WPH Qualifiers, Senior 40+ Legends & Elite Men use the R48Pro Ball

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Witness History as the World Players of Handball team up with the Ace Clean-Up Crew @ the Sports Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah, for the conclusion of the Race4Eight Professional Handball Tour of 2017/18 on ESPN3 & WatchESPN App.

Come watch or participate alongside the best 40+ Senior Touring Legends of the game, Elite Professional Women & Today’s Hottest, Most-Talented Men’s Superstars when the WPH returns to Zion for the Player’s Championship!  “#ThePlayers marks the conclusion of the 2017-18 seven-tour-stop excursion around the country, where players gain points at each location for a rare invite into the big show,” barked WPH Executive Director, David Vincent.  WPH starts the ranking system clean at the beginning of the year and only the best players rise to the top for a chance to gather the title Player’s Champion.  “Best of all, at all our locations, to include Salt Lake, anyone can enter.”  Vincent explains that there could be some player caps holding some players from entering, but overall, if you can get your name into the on-line system before the deadline or cap, you can participate.

  • WPH Qualifiers will begin play at 9am on Friday Morning; Qualifiers play one game matches to 25; win by two; with up to eight qualifier winners; this bracket could cap at 44, 32 or lower pending court availability
  • WPH Main Draw Elite Men’s “Sweet-16” bracket will begin after Noon on Friday; Main draw men consists of players ranked in the top eight that have meet player responsibilities (Code of Conduct); Matches played w/ 15-15-15 format; win by two; the elite eight players will be planted in the Rd of 16 awaiting on the qualifier winners
  • WPH Women and Senior 40+ will start after 4pm on Friday; WPH women may see creative bracketing & formats—pending total number of participants; Senior Legends will play one game matches to 25; win by two
  • Some Aces divisions will begin as early as 10am on Friday; an overall player cap will be set at 100-130; so first come first serve.

Special WPH/Aces Junior Clinic and Pro/Am Doubles w/tutorials and competitions kick-off the extravaganza Thursday PM.  Contact Ruben Garza/David Fink for details (Fink@race4eight.com).

For tournament info contact director, Ruben Garza:  ruben@acedisposal.com 801 913-0210 or WPH Director, David Vincent – vincent@wphlive.tv

Spectators are encouraged to come and support the tournament (to be held at the Sports Mall @ 5445 S 900 St East, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84117)