finkdv2The Simple Green US Open of Handball (October 22nd-25th) will be LIVE on & the WatchESPN App and you can watch for FREE w/your basic cable log on credentials.  ***Click here for more info regarding the multiple platforms and methods of signing in:   WatchESPN?  The SGUSOH marks the first stop of the WPH Professional Handball Tour; labelled the Race4Eight V, Powered by ESPN.  Men (R48), Women (WR48) & 40+ pros (SR48) will receive prize money, ranking points, race points and huge trophies.  It’s not too late to enter the Simple Green Race Stop and WPH Outdoor Big Ball 3 Wall Ranked event, HERE>

You recall, that the WPH has seven stops on tour where players will vie for eight exclusive spots at the season’s finale, The Player’s Championship (Portland, Oregon, May 2016).

Learn more about the Race4Eight (R48Pro V) HERE>

Race4Eight Rankings, Rules, Schedule HERE>


IMG_9371The 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships are now over!  Whew!  WPH film crew nailed down over 30 matches between Racquetball, Handball & Paddleball (mainly on ESPN3).

Were you unable to watch?

Below is a video player, provided by ESPN, with the full day’s replays.  Just log onto your local cable provider (using the same credentials you use when accessing your on line account), then open up the app.  Once you are logged in (in most cases), you will remain logged in and videos, whether on demand or streaming live, can be viewed on multiple devices and platforms.

What is WatchESPN?

WPH Live TV is under contract with ESPN and no outside distribution of film is allowed until a set grace period of time has elapsed.  Please email us with a list of your five favorite (Paddleball/Racquetball and Handball) matches and we may make them available on Blu-Ray DVD.

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The World Players of Handball is a non profit 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Foundation.  The WPH operates on your membership support, donations, web sales and advertising.  To this date, the WPH has privately funded more than 90% of all LIVE broadcasts, to include the extreme costs associated with ESPN telecasts.  WPH staff members solicit funds through grants, donor relations and contributions from those who want to develop the game through mass media; while also targeting junior and player development at major handball events.  “Exposing the game to the masses has brought us to ESPN and with your support we can even go further.  Thank you for your generous gifts!”  – David Vincent, WPH Executive Director –

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