-WPH Vamps Up On-demand Page; What’s the Next LIVE Event?  (Posted July, 2014)-

We have been tirelessly adding new high def videos to our on-demand members-only page and now, with a simple password, you can view up to 900 past handball videos from past Nationals, Worlds, Player Championships, Vegas 3WallBall, Race4Eight Pro Tour, and so much more.  In fact, our catalog is nearing 1,000 videos and you can watch them all with a simple password.   Are you a WPH Member?  If so, email us @ and ask for your password.  The link is located at the top of this page under the “Live & On-Demand” Tab under the “Members-Only” Sub Link.  Or, just go here

Not a member?  You can join here and get plug-in access to literally hundreds of videos.  Additionally, members will get between 10% and 20% off everything in the web store w/special promo code; free Qualifier Dri Fit Tee & Streaming Access to the WPH Produced Dave Chapman Handball Instruction Videos (Part I & II).

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Upgrade to the All Access Viewing Pass and receive LIVE handball videos (PPV) for the full year!  That’s an estimated 300 matches per 12 month period.  While everyone else is waiting to watch on demand or weeks later on YouTube, you can watch live and in High Def.  Join by following the prompts below (in the middle of the video player) or by going here>


-WPH Professional Handball Tour Brings Back Team EDTL? (Posted May, 2014)

The WPH Race 4 Eight IV tour is proud to announce the return of title sponsor, EDTL Handball, as the new Race Schedule is released.

WPH will be introducing a new location this year, as San Francisco’s Olympic Club, takes over stop #4 during Valentine’s Weekend in 2015.  Tucson, AZ, the home of the WPH Foundation, returns with a stop this November (2014) after a year off in 2013 and the New York Athletic Club will replace Denver, CO, as stop #3 in March with a Spring Classic Invitational.

“This year we will make a couple changes,” claims WPH Executive Director and Co-Race4Eight Architect, Dave Vincent.  ”We begin by having pro qualifiers at all stops, starting with Tucson’s event in November [excluding the US Open to start the season in October.  *US Open is a traditional OPEN event where anyone can enter]; even the Player’s Championship will be re-formatted to allow qualifiers.”  Vincent claims that the qualifier cap will be increased to 32 players, up from 16 in previous years, “We thought long and hard on how to allow these growing numbers to positively affect our events, as the popularity of the qualifiers began to shoot through the roof.  So, we have expanded to 32 and will have eight brackets, featuring four players in each.”  WPH will name eight players and place them into the main draw and it’s reported that each qualifier bracket will bring just one winner (last season it generated two).  Qualifier winners will then perform a tricky reverse blind draw to determine who they play in the round of 16.

[Click HERE to see how a typical Reverse Blind Draw looks]

Full rule changes and format alterations will be made public by the WPH Team and posted at under the Race4Eight Handball Tour Heading prior to the start of the the season.  Email the WPH Team if you are interested in watching, playing or sponsoring or if you have general questions:  All entries will be posted at and you can enter to play at that site.



STOP #1    2014 - October 23-26th – Fountain Valley, CA – Simple Green US Open / WPH Race Stop #1 (WPH Features Elite Men and Women)
STOP #2    2014 - November 7th-9th—Tucson, AZ – Junior WPH Benefit Tournament and State Championship/Race Stop #2 (WPH Features Elite Men and 40+)
STOP #3    2015 - January 23rd-25th – Houston, TX, – Houston State Doubles/WPH Race Stop #3 (Featuring Elite Men & 40+ men)
STOP #4    2015 - February 13th- 15th – San Francisco, CA – Olympic Club/WPH Race Stop #4 (Featuring Elite Men)
STOP #5    2015 - March 13th - 15th – New York, NY, – NYAC Invitational/WPH Race Stop #5 (Featuring Elite Men & Women)
STOP #6    2015 - April 17th - 19th – Salt Lake City, UT – Aces Handball/WPH Player’s Championship Stop #6 (Featuring Elite men and women and 40+)


WPH Race4Eight Is On!


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