-Casey defeats Reilly to win the Player’s Championships (Posted Apr, 2014)

The WPH/EDTL Handball R48Pro III Season Finale was electric when Catriona Casey (Ire) took down Aisling Reilly (No. Ire) to win the WPH Women’s Cup 21-14, 21-6; meanwhile, Marcos Chavez got past Bear Meiring 25-13 to earn the Senior 40+ award.

Robbie McCarthy earned his first Player’s Championship title after a grueling two hour and thirteen minute final that saw the Irishmen earn a nice $20,000 paycheck when he defeated #1 ranked Luis Moreno, (14), 16, 5.  ”I’m a loss of words,” said an exhausted McCarthy court-side.  ”I do not even know what I’m saying right now.”  An emotional McCarthy buzzed his way through the bracket as a late addition to the bracket (Allan Garner declined his #6 seed allowing McCarthy in).

WPH thanks the Ace Clean Up/Handball Team, Ace Outdoor, Dewey Bail Bonds, EDTL Handball, Sports Mall, ESPN, Linda Manning, Jeff Kastner, Dave Fink, John Bike, Ashley Moler, Shorty Ruiz, John Bike, Kris Gurrad, Omar Lemus, Lolita De Vincent, Gary Scoggin, Lon, Matt and Jennifer Stalsberg, Dom Sanone, Andrew Bilanzich, and all the sponsors and donors who made this event a success in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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