X-Fest III Ultimate Xrossover Returns!

Posted on Jul 15 2017 - 4:49am by david

Who will be crowned the Ultimate Extreme Xrossover Champ of 2017?  

In 2015, WPH Outdoor combined the scores of Big Ball & Small Ball 3Wall Singles to crown the first ever Xrossover Champ @ X-Fest I in Venice Beach.  As you recall, Sean Lenning and Catriona Casey took the men’s and women’s title.  In 2016 at Marina Park in Surf City, WPH X-Fester’s added 1 wall to the mix, which lead to Timothy Gonzalez defeating Sean Lenning [and the field] to take the crown; meanwhile, Catriona Casey pulled back-to-back wins; nabbing her second straight Xrossover Cup by the narrowest of margins [just edging out Tracy Davis and Ciana Ni Churraoin].

More regarding the Vegas 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships HERE>

History of Professional Winner’s (X-Fest Xrossover Ultimate Handball Athlete):

2015 Venice Beach, CA – featuring 3 wall small & big ballMen:  Sean Lenning (AZ), Women: Catriona Casey (Ireland)

2016 Huntington Beach, CA – featuring 1 & 3 wall small & big ballMen:  Timothy Gonzalez (NY), Women:  Catriona Casey (Ireland)

Well, WPH brings back X-Fest and you are invited!  In Fact, Anyone who thinks they can be the best All Around Athlete in Handball Need to Apply.


Who:  WPH Outdoor @ wphlive.tv

What:  Searching for the best All Around Athlete in Handball @ X-Fest / The Ultimate Xtreme Xrossover

When:  During the 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships September 20th-24th, 2017

Where:  Stratosphere Hotel Casino Tower, Las Vegas, Nevada [parking lot]

Why:  Good question.  Why do we want to find a player that excels at 1/3 wall ~ big/small ball singles; while using the best three of four results to determine the champion?  Because it’s just so damn entertaining!

Want to enter?  HERE>


  • Choose pro/open singles in 1 wall small ball/big ball and 3 wall small ball/big ball
  • We will use your best three results out of four; while calculating points, to determine the winner
  • Xfest Xtreme Xrossover Champions-Only will get a trophy and cash (over and beyond what that division already offers)
  • Players must contact us @ info@wphlive.tv after they have entered to publicly announce their inclusion into XFest
  • Xrossover Champion [final rankings] based on percentage points calculated from the player’s best three ( of four) results; calculating teach player’s outcome, player’s total points scored and number of participants in that division.  In a rare case of a tie, players could flip a coin to determine the wall & ball, to seven final points to determine the champ.

Whose Already in?

The list will grow; however, past Yellow Jersey winners already in include:  Samzon Hernandez (CA), Danielle Daskalakis (NY), Chava Cordova (CA), Martina McMahon (IRE), Sal Duenas (CA), Timothy Gonzalez (NY), Mando Ortiz (CA), Tracy Davis (CA), Sandy Ng (NY), Shorty Ruiz (AZ), Jenny Qu (NY), Ashley Moler (AZ), and Juan Santos (CA).

The list grows daily!  Go here to enter your three pro singles divisions (you can play four total divisions).

These Stars are Signed Up and Ready To Play: