WPH Outdoor “A-Player’s Card”

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WPH Outdoor To Recognize A Status

Tucson, AZ, WPH Press, 1/19/18 WPH Outdoor is thrilled to recognize its top men’s and women’s stars by awarding “A” status the tour’s elite players. Earning “A” status will separate the game’s elite from those seeking elite status. WPH Outdoor “A” status will be awarded to the WPH Outdoor “Elite 8” Men and “Fab 4” Women to start the 2018 WPH Outdoor season, previous WPH Outdoor A champions dating back to 2013, legends of the outdoor game, and top finishers in all A brackets this season. Read below for more information on how to earn “A” status, what having “A” status means, and who are WPH Outdoor “A” players.

How to earn A Status

  • Starting the 2018 WPH Outdoor season in the Men’s “Elite 8” or Women’s “Fab 4”
  • Finishing in the money rounds of any A singles or doubles bracket during the 2018 WPH Outdoor season
  • Making the finals of any WPH Outdoor Pro Mixed Doubles bracket
  • Winning a major B singles or doubles during the 2018 WPH Outdoor season
  • Winning two minor (Lte) B singles or doubles during the 2018 WPH Outdoor season
  • Demonstrating previous excellence in A singles or doubles brackets in any WPH Outdoor event since 2013
  • Recognized as a “legend” by the WPH Outdoor committee in the sport: 45+ A legends may be permitted to enter B brackets at select WPH Outdoor events, at the discretion of the WPH Outdoor seeding committee

What does earning “A” Status Mean

  • Players earning “A” status are considered professional athletes
  • Any player earning “A” status will not be permitted to play in a B singles or doubles in the code in which that player earned the A”” status on the WPH Outdoor tour

“Players in New York strive for their entire careers to earn an A card, and in a lot of cases, it drives players to continue to push themselves and improve their games,” stated WPH Outdoorsman Tom Flores. “We want to create that same motivation to improve and succeed on the WPH Outdoor. Earning WPH Outdoor “A” status will signify that a player has reached the pinnacle of the WPH Outdoor tour.”

“Awarding “A” status is something we’ve wanted to do for some time and we think the time is right,” stated WPH Executive Director Dave Vincent. “Regardless of your sport, any athlete always aims to be in the elite group of players and the “A” recognition will identify that elite group.”

Current WPH Outdoor Men’s and Women’s A Players: January 19, 2018

Samzon Hernandez

Timbo Gonzalez

Shorty Ruiz

Juan Santos

Chava Cordova

Alfredo Morales

Sal Duenas

Mauro Rojas

Tracy Davis

Sandy Ng

Martina McMahon

Danielle Daskalakis

Boxer Rosales

Ricky Ruiz

Brian Medina

Catriona Casey

Tanisha Groomes

Jurell Bastidas

Allan Sanchez

Tywan Cook

Hector Velez

Vic Duran

Mando Ortiz

Gregorio Tellez

Rookie Wright

Gabino Velazquez

Lily Perez

Raul Calvillo

Victor Martinez

Jose Lopez

Lobo Valencia

Chris Tojin

Kevin P. Gonzalez

Manuel Areola

Ciana Ni Churraoin

Dr. Ashley Moler

Pee Wee Castro

Jenny Qu

Sam Sanford

James Aguilera

Manny Suarez

Sean Lenning

David Fink

Carlin Rosa

Andres Calle

Luis Cordova

Iggy Accardi

Chris Bermudez

Jessenia Garate

Quasia Roberts

Emerald Watson

Crystal Ruiz

Carlos Pena

Dan Pitre

Kadeem Bush

Vic Orr

Tina Aguilera

Veronica Figueroa 

WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup: The World Player’s of Handball’s WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup Series was formed in 2012 to showcase the game’s best 3-Wall Big Ball Stars. Since 2012, the WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup Series has hosted 38 events in California, Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and Florida, setting the stage for hundreds of top big ball and small ball stars to compete against one another in professional, competitive and family-friendly events that promote sportsmanship and community spirit while inspiring the next generation of players. The WPH Outdoor 7 season features nine events in Florida, California, Arizona, Utah, New York, and Nevada. To see the full 2018 WPH Outdoor schedule, click here

All WPH Outdoor events host JR WPH clinics with WPH Outdoor elite players serving as mentors and coaches. WPH outdoor events also feature junior tournament divisions starting at nine-and-under for boys and girls.

For more information on the WPH Outdoor Player’s Cup Series, please contact World Players of Handball Executive Director David Vincent at dave.vincent@wphlive.tv or World Players of Handball Development Director and WPH Outdoor Director David Fink at david.fink@wphlive.tv. For more information on the World Players of Handball, please visit wphlive.tv

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