Chatten Hayes WPH Superfan

Posted on May 20 2016 - 10:46am by DV
Chatten Hayes – WPH Superfan
Height:  5’9
Hometown: Portland, OR
Strong hand: right
Home court: Multnomah Athletic Club
Favorite athlete: Whoever plays Marcos Chavez
Favorite pre-match music: Irish Folk
Best/Favorite shot: Irish whip
Current Race 4 Eight Fan Ranking: #5
Highest Race 4 Eight Fan Ranking: #2 (May 2016)
Best Race 4 Eight Fan Finish: 1st (Player’s Championship ’16)
Strengths: enthusiasm, energy, intensity, endurance
Summary: Chatten Hayes announced herself as a “Super Fan” at the 2016 WPH Player’s Championship in Portland, passionately supporting eventual SR48 Player’s Champion Gavin Buggy en route to his maiden SR48 title. Ms. Hayes is no stranger to supporting a winner, as she has supported her husband to multiple national championships since the 1980’s. If you desperately want to win a big match, you need Chatten in your corner!