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World Players of Handball Foundation, of Tucson, Arizona, announcement:  Due to some factors in our control and other factors beyond our control, which would impact the Handball portion of the Vegas 3 Wallball Outdoor Festival, it is with regret that WPH Outdoor steps back from this year’s event (Sept 27-30, 2018, Las Vegas, NV) as the handball sanctioning organization for the event.

***This announcement is not new: WPH first announced it’s step back from this event in February of 2018.  This publication is a ‘re-post’ from that announcement to this website.

Fortunately, this tournament will go on in Vegas at the Stratosphere Hotel, Handball will be offered and we are confident it will be amazing (Scroll down to see more tournament details).

Factors in the departure from the event: The WPH did not receive entry fee money or control the prices set from this tournament over the years; however, all prize money was provided by the WPH. Not having access to the entry fee created a $40,000 (plus) swing in funds (deficit) for the WPH Outdoor Team.  Other financial losses occurred that put WPH spending at this, and other events throughout the summer, at a huge financial shortfall.  Volunteers and Employees:  Due to the lack of support at tournament control, long days, weather, huge entries, et al, employees and volunteers voted ‘NO’ when asked if they wanted to return in 2018.  Already understaffed, knowing key helpers did not want to return, pushed the WPH into making the final decision to ‘scratch’ the 3WB Outdoor Festival from the 2018 schedule; regretfully, but also understandably.

What’s New:  The World Players of Handball Foundation has two big financial projects in the works that will serve to grow the sport of handball for future years (if both come to fruition) and we feel our members, donors and supporters will be pleased to know that we have allocated funds from not only Vegas, but our most expensive endeavors throughout the year, with hopes of making a bigger impact for the sport of handball; mainly the development of the game.

Vegas this year:  The 3WB event has evolved every single year and we are please to throw our support toward the tournament; while being grateful that organizers continue to promote and support the sport of handball.  Each year, the 3WB tournament adds new features and perks for the players and this year will be no different (Adding Pickleball, for example).  Please do consider playing in the tournament regardless of our omission.  We thank Mike Coulter, Hank Marcus, Steve Lerner, Peggine Tellez, Tom Moore, Randy Lam, Sodaman, and the Stratosphere Hotel event staff; plus volunteers, supporters, title sponsors, World Outdoor Racquetball, National Paddleball Association, MRF, CPRT, et al, for all of their hard work and attention toward our sport over the years.  These organizers/associates work extremely hard to provide a service that is unmatched in our sport and we appreciate them so much.

2018 Vegas 3WallBall Outdoor Festival:  Continues this September 27th-30th with Racquetball, Handball and Paddleball (plus Paddleball).  Deadline is nearing, see Details below!

2018 3WallBall
Las Vegas, NV – September 27-30
Stratosphere Hotel Deals

Paddle, Racquet, Hand – choose your weapons Join us in Las Vegas for strong competition, great camaraderie and amazing matches





You may play a maximum of 4 divisions in all sports combined, if you are available to play by 6pm Thursday. If you play 4 racquetball, paddleball or handball divisions, at least 1 division must be a 1 wall division. Play begins at 7am on Thursday. We will do our best to honor reasonable requests. To participate in this event, you must be available play by 6pm on Thursday.

Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower joins World Outdoor Racquetball and Handball to bring the largest and richest tournament in outdoor court sports back to the Las Vegas Strip on September 27 – 30, 2018. With over 850 players expected and over a thousand matches to be played, the players and fans will enjoy the great weather, great special events, exciting play, and, of course, all the day and night life of Las Vegas. On the last weekend in September, the event will take advantage of the great fall weather with highs forecast in the low 90’s and lows in the mid 60’s.

Your entry fee includes: Sports Festival shirt, swag bag, meals Thursday, Friday and Stratosphere Buffet on Saturday ($28 value). Water and fresh fruit will be provided.

Stay at the Stratosphere, directly across Las Vegas Boulevard from the courts with discounted rates of only $59 Sunday – Thursday and $99 Friday & $119 Saturday (plus tax and resort fee). Call 800-998-6937 (7am – 10pm PST) and use the group name 3WallBall World Championships or group code C-3WB18. You can also book online at with the online code 20183WB. Deadline for the discounted rates is September 14th so book your room NOW! (Room rates are based on double occupancy)


And while you are in Las Vegas, along with everything else that you can enjoy besides the tournament, you can check out the Jennifer Lopez the same weekend.


Each year, the 3WallBall World Championships bring court-sports to new levels of excitement. And this year marks the introduction of Pickleball making this a Sports Festival.

This September 27th, the Stratosphere Hotel plays host the biggest, most publicized event in the combined history for Paddleball, Handball, Racquetball & Pickleball and we want you to join us! So, why should I do Vegas this year? We asked the directors & owners of World Outdoor Racquetball & 3WallBall LLC, and this is what they had to say… “We head into each tournament like it’s our last, to assure we all put max effort toward the event in hopes of exposing Racquetball, Pickleball, Handball & Paddleball to the masses. Plus, Vegas is a magical place!” – Hank Marcus, World Outdoor Racquetball

“In our desire to showcase these four sports to new athletes & fans around the globe, there’s no doubt in my mind that this World Championship Tournament could be held in a different location each year. But Vegas is our home! We are so grateful for the opportunity and support from The Stratosphere Hotel, City of Las Vegas, and those that have helped our sport’s growth throughout the years. We are delighted to continue to support Handball at the 2018 3WB Sports Festival. While the loss of WPH as the primary sponsor for handball is significant, we will continue to solicit sponsors for handball prize money for this event and we are committed to bring you the best possible event in this 9th year. Join us as we work to grow the game. If this is your first and only trip to Vegas -or- if you’ve been with us since the first year, we cannot thank you enough.” – Mike Coulter, 3WB Event Organizer.

SEPT 27-30, 2018 ~ LAS VEGAS, NV LET’S MAKE THIS EVENT ONE TO REMEMBER Enter @ or get more info @

And while you are in Las Vegas, along with everything else that you can enjoy besides the tournament, you can check out the Jennifer Lopez the same weekend. 

Sport Schedule

Play begins at 7am on Thursday. You may play a maximum of 4 divisions in all sports combined. If you play 4 racquetball, paddleball or handball divisions, at least 1 division must be a 1 wall division and you must be available to play by 6pm Thursday. If you play in pickleball divisions, you must be available for the event/division as scheduled.

Pickleball Schedule – Mens Doubles – Thursday, September 27

Womens Doubles – Friday, September 28

Mixed Doubles – Saturday, September 29

Mens & Womens Singles – Sunday, September 30

Watch for more information and event details here and on

Introducing Pickleball at 3 Wallball

This one of the fastest growing sports nationally and internationally. Pickleball is a great workout while offering a very social and competitive game. It is great for all ages. Pickleball is played on a shortened tennis court using a perforated plastic ball. The game is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced game for experienced players. Doubles is generally the preferred game to maximize the number of players per court.
3 WallBall in Las Vegas is an ideal venue to showcase athletes that have excelled in multiple sports.








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