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thexThe WPH is in preliminary talks with ESPN3 & The WatchESPN App.  WPH received approval from ESPN to air six out of the seven Race4Eight Stops on Tour (2016/17 season), plus the Vegas 3WallBall Outdoor World Championships in September.  “We are just waiting on a formal contract from Bristol, Connecticut, and this is a done deal,” says Dave Vincent, with the WPH.  “All talks have been quite positive and there is even rumblings of a multi-year deal in the works.”  If the WPH can ink out the deal, than ESPN and the World Players of Handball could become a staple until the year 2020 and beyond.

Exciting times for handball’s mass exposure!

Vincent tells us to be hopeful, but to leave the champagne bottles corked.  “What I do know is that ESPN has given us the green light on the upcoming season, but we have not formally signed any documents.  I do believe we will be filming the Vegas 3WallBall Event for Handball, Paddleball & Racquetball in September on the Network, followed by the Simple Green US open a month later, to kick off the tour.  So, we will end 2016 in a very good marketing position for the sport.”

Full Race4Eight Schedule posted below.

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The World Players of Handball is a non profit 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Foundation.  The WPH operates on your membership support, donations, web sales and advertising.  To this date, the WPH has privately funded more than 90% of all LIVE broadcasts, to include the extreme costs associated with ESPN telecasts.  WPH staff members solicit funds through grants, donor relations and contributions from those who want to develop the game through mass media; while also targeting junior and player development at major handball events.  “Exposing the game to the masses has brought us to ESPN and with your support we can even go further.  Thank you for your generous gifts!”  – David Vincent, WPH Executive Director – vincent@wphlive.tv

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